Brainstorming Room

The Brainstorming Room is a physical space where the participants meet in a neutral place - preferably a space that inspires creativity.

The only equipment that needs to be in the room is some post-it notes in different colors and a wall or board where the participants can hang their completed post-it notes.

The participants each write their offer of threats and opportunities on the post-it notes, and then they present each note to each other and place them on the wall

The participants then collect the yellow post-it that have similar threats and opportunities into a new post-it, with a covering text.

Now the participants move the post-it onto the scenario board

In connection with this move, the participants also decide to what extent they themselves have influence on the outcome of the threat/opportunity


The scenario group then continues in the analysis room

On the e2g platform, it is desired that below there are examples of brainstorming processes that can inspire others.