A lot of money and resources are spent on developing new green technologies - it is good; but too few resources are spent on ensuring that the technologies fit into the energy system of the future.

The Energy-Together platform is the first version of a platform where there is access to knowledge about the relationships in energy systems, and where technology developers and project developers can gain knowledge and inspiration about how their ideas fit into the energy system of the future via access to energy system models.

Strategirummet has developed the first version to illustrate how the interaction between technology development and system analysis can look like. The wish is that there are others who will help to further develop the platform, and that there are some who will help to finance the operation of www.energy-together.com

It is certain that the future will not be like the present. Therefore, one should not invest in the green transition on the basis of today's threats and opportunities and on the basis of data from the current energy markets. Experience shows that the further development of the energy system (the green transition) can be made more efficient by spending time working with the future. A former power company in Denmark - Elsam - invested significant resources in using power market models and scenario technique in the 1990s and early 00s. This led to an investment in biomass-fired power plants, offshore wind turbine expansion, development of technologies that transfer RE into the transport sector, etc. See the documentation here

It is not good enough to use other people's future forecasts, because this way you do not get to work with the future. Instead - or in addition - market models must be used to analyze how potential investments in R&D&D projects and facilities will fare in the future energy markets. In connection with major strategic investments in the development of infrastructure, scenario technique should be used.

The Energy-Together platform aims to increase the level of knowledge about the connections in the energy and CO2 system, and to make it possible for everyone to work with the future. The platform therefore contains:

  • A knowledge sharing room where you can learn more about the connections in the energy and CO2 system via courses and via links to teaching material
  • A model and data room where you can get hands-on experience with the basic theories in the energy field
  • A business-as-usual room, where market models with associated data for the BAU projection are accessible, and where you can analyze the profitability of the investments in R&D&D and facilities that you want to invest in
  • A scenario workshop where you can develop your own scenarios and see other people's scenarios

Competing companies can work together to set up scenarios without problems. They can then develop visions and strategies in the privacy of their own company.


Target Group

Target group

Join the e2g community

Join the e2g community

Layout of the e2g platform


The knowledge sharing room

The knowledge sharing room

Model and data room

Model and data room

Business-as-usual room

Business-as-usual room

The scenario workshop

The scenario workshop


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