Target Group

Decision makers

Decision makers who in a group of approx. 10 people want a joint discussion of the future, can use the e2g platform as a basis for running a scenario process. They must meet physically 4 - 5 times during the process, and they must have the help of a facilitator, who could well be a consultant they are used to working with.

Technology Developers and Project Developers

Technology developers and project developers can retrieve knowledge and data that they need for their development activities.

They can also go to the Business-as-usual room and select the models that will be used to calculate future financials for their units. With the models, they can determine future operating patterns and earnings. The Technology Developers can then use this knowledge when they have to fill in the part of the application for support for their project that relates to profit potential and finances. The Project Developers can use this knowledge in their calculations regarding FID.

They can also choose to go directly to the Future Room in the scenario workshop and find the scenarios they want to test their technology development and project development with.


The system analysts play an important role, helping to transfer results from their complicated model calculations into more accessible system models that can be used by Technology Developers and Project Developers as well as others interested in the development of the energy system.

Analysts can access a number of important computer models that can solve the tasks they have been given.


Students and employees in the energy sector and with the authorities

Students as well as employees in the energy sector and at the authorities can use the knowledge sharing room on the e2g platform to learn more about the connections in the energy system and on specific topics. They can also find educational models in the model and data room which can give them hands-on experience with the energy system and the electricity market.