Scenarios based on Power Market Simulator

The Power Market Simulator can calculate projections of the electricity market. The users determine the framework conditions in the form of forecasts for fuel prices, CO2 quota prices, electricity consumption, data for new electricity production plants, etc., and then PMS calculates the development of the electricity production system.

Users can save the relevant settings in a file on their own computer.

If you have created a scenario that you would like to share with others, you must send the PMS file to with a short description of the projection, then it will be posted here on this page and made available to others.

Strategirummet is working on getting data corresponding to the climate projection for Denmark and the "Analytical assumptions for Energinet" inserted into the PMS. Once that is done, the corresponding PMS files will be posted here on the page, which others can download to their PC, and then load into PMS, so they can do their own analyses.