The Business-as-usual room

The purpose of the BAU room is for users to be able to easily calculate the earnings or expenses on the future electricity market for their proposals for investments in existing and new plants. Users must also be able to calculate the expected future income in connection with investments in R&D&D projects.

This room does not yet contain links to models.

The goal is for there to be links to market models, where data has been inserted for the best bid for a projection of the energy system. It is also a requirement that users must be able to change data easily, and that it is easy for users to calculate the economics of existing facilities as well as the financial consequences of investments in new facilities.

At present, in the Business-as-usual room there is only a link to the Danish Energy Agency's latest "Societal economic calculation assumptions" (In Danish). It is an excellent proposal for the future energy market, but the publication does not lead to investors, analysts, etc. will work consciously with the future. They stay in the present, and just pick up forecasts that others have made.

By putting your own technology - or your own plant - into an electricity market model, and making analyzes that show operating patterns and earnings, you gain valuable knowledge that you can use for improvements - and to see new business opportunities.

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Assumptions for socioecomomic analyses

Assumptions for socioecomomic analyses